Tub chairs, where do they come from?

Nobody knows for sure, but one theory is that the name tub chair has been adopted  from  the rounded shape of the American bath tub.It might be true, because our AGNES tub chair resembles the American Bath tub.

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Traditional Club chair

But rounded wooden chairs called club chairs were in use for hundreds of years in Europe’s Gents Clubs, were Gents were seeking refuge from their family life. Although the wooden club chairs have been available  for many years, the upholstered versions became available to upper classes only in the 17th century.To make the chairs more comfortable, craftsmen were padding  them out, but the introduction of fully sprung, deep-seated, low-back, upholstered chair in the Victorian era hailed the beginning of the club chair known today also as a Tub chair.

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Antiqued leather club chair with a buttoned back

The original club chairs, tub chairs like our MALBOROUGH tub chair were upholstered  in leather and with a buttoned back , turned wood legs on castors. Just imagine being in an exclusive Gent’s Club, sitting in a leather club chair, reading a newspaper whilst sipping brandy and being waited on by butlers. Bliss

In recent years upholstered tub chairs became more popular and a desirable addition to our homes. Tub chairs are now regarded as fashion furniture, adding not only an additional seating but also a splash of colour into monochrome rooms.

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Buy a fabric tub chair

Our  made to order BLUEBELLE  tub chair is an example of such, available in colours of your choice on light or dark wooden legs.The tub chair beech hard wood frame  is  upholstered in a chenille fabric of your choice.The BLUEBELLE  tub chair  comes with a buttoned fibre filled scatter cushion. The  reversible foam filled seat cushion also features a contrasting button .You can chose one or more contrasting buttons to suite your interior.

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Buy a two coloured chenille tub chair




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